Junior Backend Engineer

Job description

Be part of an amazing engineering team and learn from your experienced colleagues. Let's rock!

What you will do:

  • Develop and maintain complex, web-based Java or Node.js applications
  • Support in extending our applications by integrating cloud services
  • Contribute to the team by sharing your ideas and knowledge within the community

Job requirements

What we expect:

  • 1 year of coding and project experience in the web environment
  • First knowledge of modern architectural concepts such as microservices, distributed architectures, Docker, Spring framework, Node.js and cloud services
  • First experience with web services (REST or GraphQL) and first knowledge of other web technologies (HTML/CSS, JavaScript)
  • First experience with a fully automatic build / deploy and CI process (e.g. Github)

Katharina Otto
phone +49 (0) 761 20758 418